Financial Management Duties of Non Profit Board Members

21 Apr

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By: Bennett Napier, CAE

During my career in association management, I have been privy to a number of cases of financial mismanagement; embezzlement and other less than stellar financial practices in 501(c)(3)(4)and (6) organizations.

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101 Restaurant

12 Aug

In Tallahassee, with three college campuses the term, “101” can be mistaken for a beginner’s course. However, at 101 Restaurant, you’ll find an advanced menu, a sophisticated atmosphere and young but professional server crew.

Today’s lunch crew: Abe, Bill and Me. We arrived shortly after noon and there was a party of 10-12 already seated, but the rest of restaurant was relatively empty. Upon his first trip to table, our server, Tanner, brought three waters (with their signature slices of cucumber). When I arrived, Tanner was at the table within 30 seconds and offered me another drink to go with my water. He was just as prompt when Bill arrived.

We ordered a diverse set of lunches; I had the Ultimate Mac and Cheese (delicious, more on that in a bit), Bill had the 101 Burger and Abram the Rustic Grilled Veggie Sandwich.

Abram and I ordered before Bill and it came out within about 10 minutes, which was good considering the delay that a large party can cause at lunch. While I probably wouldn’t order the Veggie sandwich, it looked freshly grilled and Abram put it down without hesitation. The homemade chips tasted like they were freshly fried and still hot when they came out.

The 101 Burger has spinach, onion, artichoke, Gorgonzola, and balsamic mayo on top of a quarter-pound made to order patty. Bill ordered it Medium Rare, which is one of the easiest things for a lunch cook to screw up. However, the 101 Burger was cooked perfectly and the sweet potato fries were piled high.

The Ultimate Mac and Cheese is made with several cheeses, caramelized onions and generous seasoning. Today’s version was made with Cavatappi pasta and it was bursting with flavor. After a dash of pepper, I devoured the entire portion only stopping for the occasional sip of water (thanks for keepin’ it full!) The Ultimate Mac and Cheese can be ordered in its original creamy version, or you can add shrimp, chicken, bacon or beef tips. Cheesy, creamy, delicious goodness!

Since today is my half-day, I was able to take advantage of the $4 pint of Sam Adams Seasonal – Summer Ale. Much like @CravingsTruck, I think Tanner knew I was writing a review because there was accidental pour that didn’t go to waste.

101 Restaurant – maybe we should send some other restaurant owners to 101 for a little schooling! Keep up the good work.

The cravings truck

12 Jul


So, I picked up on the Cravings Truck earlier this year, but I can’t remember where. However, I began following this crew on twitter (one of the only things it’s useful for…) and sure enough it paid off.

Today at the corner of Park Ave and Adams st. the Cravings Truck drew a crowd. Mel, Mel and Abe joined me for a little taste of deliciousness. At 12:05, the CT had a line of about 15 people, which seemed to overwhelm the fryers. However, the food was worth the wait.

The CT earns high marks for their signature, chicken n waffle. The tenders were fried to order and the waffle was fluffy and delicious. Everything was fresh and well prepared and all for $5 even. Don’t expect this to be fast-food as they start your order after you order. However, you’ll appreciate the freshness of the golden fried chicken tenderloins being pulled out of the fryer and placed directly in your basket.

I think they knew I was writing a review because they gave me an extra tender, something that didn’t go unnoticed by the astute gaze of Abe.

Now the downside; I’m sure it’s not uncommon for food trucks to run short on some supplies. However, after less than 1 hour at their downtown location, they didn’t have the the chicken sandwich, the black bean burger or sweet potato fries, which is about half of the menu. I was looking forward to a black bean burger with sweet potato fries and was quite dismayed to find out they were out of both.

In sum: piping hot chicken fingers, fluffy and light waffle at a reasonable price. Get there early to avoid missing out on some of the other menu items.

Auto Xperts

7 Jul


The professionals at auto xperts will take care of not only your car, but you too. They offer full service work on all vehicles and at a reasonable price too. If your nostalgic for the days of when you had a mechanic who felt personally responsible for the life of your vehicle, go see Chris at Auto Xperts!

Vintage Bistro

6 Jul


I attended a network of young professionals event at vintage. A good group of yps were gathered around 535. a quick checkout of the menu revels a nice app/dinner selection to choose from. The wine list isnt the longest in town but it has a nice selection. The beer list is a little too short but they’ve got 6 on tap and a good atmosphere.

Go try it out for yourself!

Capital Summer

1 Jul

Since this site is about giving you the reader a greater knowledge about what there is to do in the Capital city, I stumbled across a website that helps in that task.  Enjoy checking out Capital Summer in the Capital City

Ray’s Steel City Saloon – BONUS for June 30!

30 Jun


A shot of the beer cooler at rays. A great place for a good beer. Prices aren’t cheap but the food is good and the beer selection is outstanding.

Service has a tendency to be slow when they are busy but it’s worth it.

Sunday brunch is fantastic!

I started off the evening with a Tucher Helles Hefe Weizen.  One of the best Hefes I’ve had and I’ve been trying them a lot. I then split three different beers, a Pinkus Hefe Weizen, a Val-Dieu Triple and a St. Peter’s English Ale.  Of the four the Tucher was my favorite.

The Pinkus had anti-hefe weizen taste, it almost tasted like a lager and it didn’t have the sweet wheaty flavor I’ve come to expect from a hefe weizen.  It’s overall flavor was relatively lackluster.  If you don’t like hefe weizens, this is the one for you to drink (so says one of my companions.)

I’ve never had a Val-Dieu Triple before, so as first experiences go it was pretty good.  It was a bit yeasty and had a bread flavor that would have gone well with a powerful meal.  My companions thought it reminded them of a barley wine, which is a pretty fair assessment.

My least favorite of the night was the St. Peter’s Ale (I was in the minority with the other two gentlemen I was splitting them with.)  It comes from my disdain of sour tastes; I don’t like pungent cheeses nor do I like pungent beers that have a sour grassy taste.  If you like Ales, then please try this one, but for the most part I’m an anti-ale guy because of the bitterness they invoke.

Go to Rays and do your own taste test, you won’t be disappointed in the selection!